La Trobe Chess Club 2013!

Hi everyone,

The chess club gatherings will be held from 5pm-8pm Wednesday nights in PS2, Room 212. Anyone and everyone is welcome to rock up. 

Club Session Venues 2012

Hi everyone,

The chess club gatherings will be held from 5pm-8pm Wednesday nights in the Union Building on the La Trobe University (Bundoora) Campus. The Union Building won't be available certain weeks, which is a pain, but we'll announce a venue when we find one (probably a Maths room). Anyone and everyone is welcome to rock up. Click 'Read more' to see full venue details or click here to go to the Location page.

Go !!

Hi all,

We're thinking of adding the game called Go to the activities of our club. It's nowhere near as well known as Chess is, particularly in the west, but never the less, it had gotten many people hooked over the years, and has been especially popular in some circles.

Some of the well known people who have been fans of the game include Bill Gates, Will Wright (inventor of the SimCity games), Nolan Bushnell (naming his product, the Atari console, after the term 'Atari' in Go), Emanuel Lasker, Albert Einstein, John Nash, Alan Turing, and many, many others.

The rules of Go are much simpler than chess, but the tactics and strategies can quickly bring even more pain (or pleasure?) to ones brain. Some have said that Go offers deeper, and longer strategic battles than Chess - but well, we all know Chess is awesome no matter what they say, full stop :-)

In any case, we feel that Go might bring a nice complement to the game of Chess, just like learning a new language can give you a greater perspective from which to analyse the others.

Club session venues

The club will be operating every Wednesday 5.30pm - 7.30pm, throughout 2011.

The venue will be the Board Room, level 1 Union building, La Trobe University - Bundoora campus.

The exceptions being:

  • 23/March - Room DMC 125, near Undercroft Leacture Theatre, around the corner of Peribolos East, ground floor.
  • 30/March - Function room 3, Union Building
  • 20/April - Function room 3, Union Building
  • 18/May - TBA
Questions? Give us a buzz

General Meeting Monday 21-Feb-2011

Hi everyone,

There will be a general meeting this coming Monday.

The meeting is to discuss any club-related issues. Eg:  member roles, finalizing paperwork for SRC affiliation, etc. 

Feel free to raise any ideas for the club, before or during the meeting. Eg. ideas for activities, competitions, fundraising, etc.

Non-members are welcome too. :-)

Please let us know if you want to come - just to make it easier to know how many people to expect.

When: 10am - 12 Noon, 21-FEB-2011

La Trobe Chess Club in 2011 !!

The La Trobe Chess Club will of course be operating in 2011 :-)

  • Time: Wednesdays 5.30 - 7.30pm
  • Venue: Board Room - Level 1 Union building (Bundoora campus)
  • First opening - in first week of semester 1, 2011
  • Fees: once-off $5 joining fee, plus $1 per week for every week that you attend.

How to join the club:

Options ...
  1. Come along to the general meeting (Monday 21-FEB, 10am - 12pm). 
  2. Email the club: or call/sms 0449 172 494
  3. Come along to the club any time it's operating - join the announcement mailing list to be notified of operating times and venues or changes thereof. Or just keep an eye on the club website.

More announcements ...

We will be having a

general meeting

The Rules of Chess (PDF)

For anyone who's interested - here's a super compressed write-up of the rules of chess.

Chess Competition

Hi everyone, 

We will be organizing a
chess competition
in the first few weeks of opening in 2011. (Just for fun!) 

Feeling confident with your skills, or simply just wanting to assess your skill level against different players? If you are interested but not yet a member, come and sign up! 


Although the club will start later this month, we're open to early memberships.

There's a once-off fee of $15 to join and that's it!

Come see us on campus (La Trobe Bundoora) this week (from August 2nd 2010):

  • Monday + Wednesday: 2-5pm
  • Friday: 10am - 3pm

Give Mighty Mai a buzz at or 0449 172 494, to sort out a meeting location (we don't yet have permanent office :-(

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