Go !!

Hi all,

We're thinking of adding the game called Go to the activities of our club. It's nowhere near as well known as Chess is, particularly in the west, but never the less, it had gotten many people hooked over the years, and has been especially popular in some circles.

Some of the well known people who have been fans of the game include Bill Gates, Will Wright (inventor of the SimCity games), Nolan Bushnell (naming his product, the Atari console, after the term 'Atari' in Go), Emanuel Lasker, Albert Einstein, John Nash, Alan Turing, and many, many others.

The rules of Go are much simpler than chess, but the tactics and strategies can quickly bring even more pain (or pleasure?) to ones brain. Some have said that Go offers deeper, and longer strategic battles than Chess - but well, we all know Chess is awesome no matter what they say, full stop :-)

In any case, we feel that Go might bring a nice complement to the game of Chess, just like learning a new language can give you a greater perspective from which to analyse the others.

Anyway, here is the simplest outline of how to play go.

It glosses over a lot, and doesn't explain much, but hopefully it can get you started. For a more thorough guide to how to play, have a look at: